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Frequently Asked Questions – Courses by Loeping Training

Classes take place online via video conference. Each class is led by a skilled and qualified instructor in real time. All course participants join the class online. Courses are highly interactive and involve practice sessions, supervised by the instructor as well as games and quizzes. Assignments are given as part of the training programme as well as a course completion certificate.

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For the adults courses you need to be above 16 years of age. The children’s language courses are built around national academic curriculum, such as GCSE. No-one above 16 is allowed in the 11-14 year old classes. Identification documents will be required of attendees and further checks run to confirm the suitability of the registrant to participate in the children’s classes for under 16s. Parents and guardians will also be contacted by the institution.

Yes. The Level 1 adult language courses are suitable for adult beginners and non-beginners. They are taught in the foreign language and in English, unlike the advanced courses which are taught purely in the foreign language. The level 1 courses are also suitable for advanced and intermediate learners as they are taught in scenario-based sections, and involve conversation and written work.

Yes, in the level 1 courses.

As soon as possible as some of the courses fill up fairly quickly

We only offer language courses in the 12 week range.

There is a maximum of 30 students assigned to each language class.

Each language course uses on average 3 hours per week.

All levels are offered.

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